Dare to hair

I was invited to do a show of my collages at Meg Allen Salon and Spa in the Dimond area of Anchorage Alaska. The Show opens Feb 4th with Meg and her team hosting graciously inside her beautiful salon from 6-9pm.  http://megallensalon.com

I had originally meant to hang a show of collages I’ve had for some time, but as the days have gone by I’ve been happily making new ones to supliment the show.

I’ve been inspired by the salon venue and have begun working on a sort of fashion show series which stars some rather beautiful gowns i’ve found in magazines over the years. My favorite so far is a composite from a day dress and a mop. They go together quite nicely and make me feel like those of us who clean the home should be elegantly outfitted while doing so…but then again that would mean designers would have to consider how to make their dresses easy to wear from material that could handle lots of bending and kneeling, not to mention all those chemicals we come into contact with..

Never the less, I suggest looking at a magnificent artist, Jess Collins, who did a small series of Goddess Because works which have also inspired my fashion collages.

Jess Collins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jess_Collins

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