Shakila, cutting a path to my collage heart

Untitled-VIII by Shakila 2011

Untitled-VIII by Shakila, 2011

I do not normally talk up a single collage artist but today while searching for names of female collagers… sigh, she popped up…This previously unknown to me wonder, only known by her first name, Shakila, she is a collage artist from India. Here is a quote describing her approach from News Blaze’s article, “India: Shakila’s Genius on Paper,”: “While her earlier works have been more pastoral in nature, with vibrant images of baskets of vegetables, domestic animals and mud houses, Shakila’s recent creations portray a darker side of life. In ‘Untitled 12’ there are birds soaring towards an unknown destination full of hope, while ‘Untitled 2007’ gives the artist’s take on terror and violence – it shows a man shown selling eggs that are mistaken for bombs.

Some collages also reflect women living in distress and coping with conflict and violence. She says, “I may not read newspapers but I hear about women suffering, being harassed by people. I depict them as women and as mothers.”

Untitled by Shakila, 2010

Untitled by Shakila, 2010

I am only sorry she is not closer by so I can see these sometime mural sized collages in person. She’s quite a talent and I look forward to watching her work from afar. I can only hope she continues to be encouraged, purchased and supported in her country.

Some articles about her: “Shakila Scissorhands” by ; “Shakila” by Contemporary Art of Bengal; “Her World, Her Art” by The Telegraph; “Shakila, Queen of Collage” by Baruna Bhattacharji

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