Collage : you’re unglued!

Many will be saying this is the 100th year of collage, but they’re leaving out the part where collage has been around significantly longer than Picasso’s debut (and let’s face it because he & Braque did it, the ‘institutions’ agreed it was a legit art). That aside it’s a good year for the re-emergence and development of collage as a recognized art form. Walter Benjamin’s poo-poo of what he considered imitative art (collage) doesn’t hush the dominance of collage within our world culture. Collage is as much a part of the fabric of film and music making as it is with writing, painting and sculpture. Collage is editing a sentence or piecing together research to write a paper or execute a study. Is it any wonder that collage is my passion?

So here’s the latest finds to test your will power, it’s kryptonite to my superwoman attempt at being focused only on school instead of collage. Kolaj Magazine (

If you didn’t also know about it, in the United States we also have a National Collage Society ( which is a non-profit org meant to forward this art method in the world. Oh but caution: they believe firmly in traditional handmade ie-glue usage so don’t bother if you’re doing digital work or aforementioned film, etc. For those of you who are interested specifically in the traditional hand-cut collage, there is an open call right now! (deadline is Oct 1, 2012) The show is called Collagerie ( I’ve seen images from past exhibits and it looks like a fantastic showcase for this kind of work.

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