Andy the Artist, a artist book in loving memory of a friend

This is one of my artists books, completed my final year of art school in 1997. That year a friend and talented artist, Andrew Melk passed away.

I wrote and illustrated this book while sitting at the kitchen table over the course of a couple of weeks following the loss. I did not edit it or work at straightening anything, it’s just an off the cuff ode to artists inspired by Andy. Below is a hyperlink to that book which I have digitized.

Andy the Artist

I’ve recently taken a class about scholarly publishing in an open access model. Though most would not consider this a scholarly work, it is to me to some degree, so I have decided to share it in its entirety digitally. I only ask that if you copy this or share it that you credit me as it remains my original work. The software I used to turn this pdf into a book (with page turning) is free, called issuu.

Cheers and much gratitude to the artists in this world.

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One Response to Andy the Artist, a artist book in loving memory of a friend

  1. Charlie Melk says:

    Thanks a lot for doing this, Katie. My name is Charlie Melk, and I’m Andy’s brother. I think about Andy every day, and it is very cool to see his legacy live on in his friends. It would make him smile, and it makes me smile too.

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