In the mood for love, steak burgers tuna

Today is the first day of February, a month in the U.S. which is marked by a plethora of red and pink packaging, chocolates and declarations of love.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many forms in different countries around the world. If wikipedia has done their research right then I can repeat the message that it wasn’t invented by Hallmark but that American Greetings on likes to attribute the start to The Golden Legend. Personally, I blame Geoffrey Chaucer…

No matter what reason you don’t want to celebrate romantic love you should at least know that friendship and family and co-workers around the work get their day:           Dydd Santes Dwynwen; Saint Valentin; San Valentin; La Diada de Sant Jordi / Dia dos Namorados; Valentinsdag; Alla hjartans dag; Ystävänpäivä; Sõbrapäev; Dragobete; Sevgililer Günü; Dia del Amor y la Amistad; Dia del Carino; Dia dos Namorados; Amigo secreto; 자장면 jajangmyeon; 情人節; pinyin: qíng rén jié; 情人节; Araw ng mga Puso; giri-choko 義理チョコ; honmei-choko 本命チョコ; tomo-choko 友チョコ; White Day; Ai ni Kotaeru White Day; 七夕; Qi Xi; 七夕 Tanabata; Eid el-Hob el-Masri; Tu B’Av

That’s a lot of love in the world.. I’m for it. Plus i like chocolate and when people tell me they care about me. I hope you all have that in your life.

Below is a valentine I made from a memory of walking in the streets of New York City with my friends.

2010 Steak burgers Tuna collage

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